With plenty of 3rd party charging options for the PS4 controller, the Insignia Dual Controller Charger keeps things simple…

After the charging clips for my Nyko Charge Base fell apart, I opted to go with a new charging solution for my PS4 controllers.  The Insignia Dual Controller Charger for the Playstation 4 is Best Buy’s (US/CAN) own charging solution for the PS4 controller.  Retailing at 24.99 (USD) / 35.99 (CAD) the Insignia charger can be purchased for less if you can wait for the occasional BestBuy sale.


The Insignia Dual Controller Charger comes packaged with the charging base and power cord.  There are no proprietary charging clips to deal with as the charging base connects to the PS4 controller via micro USB.  The power cable has a length of about 3ft and you will need some space for the bulkier plug profile.  As for charging indicators, the charging base simply refracts the controller’s own light bar to show that it is successfully charging.


  • Small form factor and simple design.

    Small profile, simple design – Although styling preferences are subjective, the Insignia Dual Controller Charger does not take up a lot of space and its smaller, simple profile does not draw a lot of attention when left empty.

  • No 3rd party charging dongles or clips – Because the Insignia charger opts to connect directly to the micro USB port on the PS4 controller, it spares the user from having to use dongles or clips that are intended for easier connection between charger and controller.  While these proprietary pieces can help ensure easier docking and charging, it also provides a point of failure if the dongles break or are misplaced.  Furthermore, dongles or clips can become a limiting factor for those users who have more than 2 PS4 controllers to charge.


  • No need fancy indicator lights when you can just use the light bar from the PS4 controller.

    Plugging in controllers requires some practice – The downside of a ‘dongle-less’ charging system is that one now has to deal with the PS4 controller’s micro USB port.  Although the Insignia charger attempts to guide the placement of the controller for proper micro USB connection, it may require practice and several tries before becoming more consistently accurate with the docking of the PS4 controller.

  • Charging indicator is difficult to see – Because the light bar of the PS4 controller sits facing downward when placed on the Insignia charger, it is not immediately apparent if the controller is charging (by showing the pulsating yellow light).  Insignia tries to get around this by refracting (bending) the controller light bar through small indicator windows located on the front of the charger.  This is a simple solution but these indicators could be larger in order to see the charging status of the controller without having to come right up to the charger.


Overall the Insignia Dual Controller Charger presents a simple and straightforward charging solution for your PS4 controllers.  It accomplishes the job of charging your controllers without taking up a lot of space in your media cabinet or on your side table.  Users will have to take care in properly placing controllers onto the Insignia charger to ensure proper connection but the absence of micro USB dongles or clips does benefit the user who may need to charge 3 or more controllers.  As Insignia is a house brand of Best Buy you will only be able to find it at their stores but if possible I would try to wait until this charger goes on sale before purchasing it.  Ultimately, I would recommend the Insignia Dual Controller Charger for those looking for a simple and basic charging solution.


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